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Photography & Video Production

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Gallery F 

A photographic and contemporary art gallery representing established

& emerging South African Talents.

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About me:

In my pursuit of photography, I started my career from a young age of 16, not quite sure of what direction I was heading. My father had always encouraged me to pick up a few stands and sandbags aswell as make coffees for the crew members on his productions, a helping hand for all. 

Best advice I can ever pass on to anyone starting in the industry, “a coffee is the doorway to anyones heart” Unless they drink tea of course. Eventually photographers started calling me back and saying good job last time are you keen for another one, I felt like I was in! “Challenge Accepted” I kept and still do keep telling myself, Do it for others of course, but also do it for yourself, it keeps your motivation flying high, and well, if you don’t enjoy it then its definitely not an industry for you. As you may learn.

 I then got into assisting some of the local photographers as well as Production Assisting on film sets and commercials, and guess what!? Making coffees for everyone worked again! It allowed me some more face to face conversations with all those who I looked up to, a way of breaking the ice to start a conversation and ask some of the questions I had been dying to ask. As a PA starting in the industry you will understand how intimidating it can be to not quite know your place.

As much as I loved it I was still unsure of which direction I wanted to go, being a production assistant allowed me to work for all the different teams/departments which made up the production (Lighting/Camera/Production/Grips/Directing/Unit to list a few) Literally every department, even how to cater for 200+ people or how to park personal and gear vehicles in all sorts of locations. 

Finally I built up the courage to pick up a camera, which of course was always the photographers job, not the assistant…

I kept shooting and challenging myself till I built up the confidence to ask a family member if I can take their photo, and I was surprisingly impressed with the photos I took. Then moved on to asking friends, then onto asking models. Then presenting my work to clients, in search for photography jobs.

Since that day it has been an obsession between myself , the subject and the tools I need to capture that perfect moment I am always looking for. And in the end, what the hell is perfect anyways? To me perfection is the obsession, a constant need to understand the lessons from the experiences I have shared with countless strangers in front of my lens. Like learning how to dance, an opportunity to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in order to grow.